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World's Hottest Pepper Flakes Collection

World's Hottest Pepper Flakes Collection

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You love our World's Hottest Pepper Powder Collection, so we're giving you the World's Hottest Flakes that will be a favorite to have in your pantry! Get three of Pepper Joe's fiercest red pepper flakes and experience their pure heat. We harvested the hot peppers at their ripest and CRUSHED them into fiery dust so you can enjoy the spices in their flavorful selves. Whenever you're craving incredible scorching heat, sprinkle lightly (or obsessively if that's your cup of tea) on your favorite foods and snacks or mix into your seasoning to create a hellscape of heat, flavors, and euphoria!

All three of these peppers once held the world record as the hottest peppers in the world, but don't let that deter you from giving these flakes a try.

The collection includes:

DISCLAIMER: Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not use if you have respiratory issues. A small amount will heat up any dish. Use sparingly if your tolerance for heat is low.

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