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We Built a Greenhouse! 5 Key Factors to Having a Greenhouse

Despite the struggles 2020 brought, those challenges didn’t stop us from cranking up the heat! At Pepper Joe’s, we take pride in offering daringly hot peppers and unique varieties from all over the world so you can grow something you’ve never grown before. There were a few things that we could do to keep intensifying FIERY heat for the chile heads such as adding spicy food productsadding 100+ new seed varieties for 2021, and creating a garden of more than 1,200+ pepper plants to bring you FRESH pepper pods in 2020. 

But the most important announcement that will benefit not just our team, but all of you, is we built a 7,000 square foot greenhouse! We built this glorious looking greenhouse so we can test the viability and creditability of our hot pepper seeds and to increase seedling and pepper pod production! We are beyond excited and can't wait to move in.

Pepper Joe's greenhouse   Pepper Joe's greenhouse on the inside

You may be wondering why adding a greenhouse will benefit you, so we sat down with the man in charge of Pepper Joe’s, Keaton Wanninger, to give you the answers! Continue reading to learn the 5 driving factors of having a greenhouse.

Keep Up with the Demand for Pepper Plants

Pepper Joe's growing live hot pepper plants


If you can tell by the pictures, this is going to be a big greenhouse. This means we’d be able to grow AND keep up with the demand for pepper plants so you can grow the live plants you want with no to limited waiting for re-stocking.

We’ll be able to increase the volume of current live plant varieties as well as new varieties that we recently added to the website. With the new facilities, we’ll be able to handle more than 5x the seedling production which is already amazing to see how far we’ve come in just a few years. Earlier this year, we introduced 25+ new varieties that we’re excited to release in July such as Dorset Naga Plants, Jigsaw Plants, and BTR Butch T Reaper Scorpion Plants!

We are very close to selling our most popular pepper plant varieties in April, so make sure you’re signed up for notifications via text, email, or Messenger so you can grow some delicious and dangerously hot peppers in your garden. If you do miss out on getting plants at launch, don’t worry - inventory will be replenished every Thursdays through the spring and summer season! Read below to view what we’re selling in April:


Grow Fresh Pepper Pods Year Round

Pepper Joe's Carolina Reaper pods - hottest peppers in the world

Fresh hot peppers straight from our garden delivered to your doorstep? Uhm, yes please!

Not only will we be growing more than 5x the seedling production, we will also have the space to grow fresh pepper pods year-round in our Dutch Bucket Systems! Our goal is increasing our pepper pod inventory so you can kick back, relax, and choose any variety you want to cook with (or you can just bite straight from the pod – we don’t judge). We want to do the hard work so you can Carolina-reap (pun intended) the benefits and enjoy some fiery goodness.

Ability to Cross Unique Varieties Exclusive to Pepper Joe’s

With all the space from our greenhouse, we’ll have new small isolated grow rooms that will give us the ability to create our very own pepper strains. These isolated grow rooms will have swamp coolers that will create a vacuum-like effect, preventing any outside pollination from entering the rooms.

To the diehard Pepper Joe’s fans, this means you’ll be able to grow and taste special varieties exclusively created by Pepper Joe’s! Stay tuned for updates by signing up for our email below and following us on Facebook and Instagram

No Production Waste Left Behind

Pepper Joe's creating peppers into dried powder or dried pods

We take wastage seriously. The extra space in the greenhouse will help us dedicate an area where we can use any leftover pepper pods for dried powder and dried pepper pods. We’ll have dehydrators that we can repurpose for dry pods and powders, because nobody puts a pepper in the corner.

We may even find opportunities to experiment with our peppers to make sauces, drinks, or scrumptious spicy food. Word has it on the street that one of our newest teammates on the operations team, who is also a beekeeper, surprised the team by making hot honey variances!

Quality Testing All Pepper Seeds and Holding our Growers Accountable

Although there are many benefits to having a greenhouse, the number one driving factor of building a greenhouse is to have a focus on quality and properly test ALL our seed inventory before introducing them on our website. Since our ownership changed a couple years ago, we will be consistently working to get you the seeds that you deserve. Get an inside scoop of how excited our Operation Team Lead, Nate, is to get a greenhouse:

"I am most excited to have a greenhouse to start quality controlling new seeds for customers! Having a greenhouse means I will be walking around in a Pepper Wonderland every single day. What's not to love? We will have the ability to provide the hottest peppers and plants on the planet every single month of the year. With our increased capabilities we will be able to help growers keep it spicy no matter what the weather may bring."

What Else is Happening at Pepper Joe’s?

Pepper Joe's team transplanting pepper seedlings

Besides being busy with live pepper plant season, there are many other exciting things happening at Pepper Joe’s. As Pepper Joe’s continues to grow, we added three new teammates to the team, and they cannot wait to get your orders out of the door and into your hands!

We’ve also added new food products to our site such as the Pineapple Reaper Hot Sauce, fiery Charcuterie meat and cheese, the most flavorful salsa that you’ll ever taste like our Sweet Peach Salsa, Ghost Pepper Salsa, and Carolina Reaper Salsa, and two hot mustards to slap on your pretzels and burgers – the Habanero Mustard and Ghost Pepper Mustard. We’re loving all the spicy food, but we’re not stopping there so stay tuned for MORE delicious additions!


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