Keaton Eats An Entire RED SCOTCH BRAIN STRAIN PEPPER and Can't Function!

Watch Keaton chomp into a scorching hot Scotch Brain Strain as he struggles to keep it together in this week's Pepper Talk. Are you brave enough to grow and eat this superhot pepper?

About the Red Scotch Brain Strain

The Scotch Brain Strain is a gnarly pepper variety known to resemble a brain, and once consumed, will make you feel as if your brain is on fire. With a max heat level of 1.35 million SHUs, this hefty super hot pepper has more placental tissue than other peppers, and is up there with the Carolina Reaper as one of the hottest peppers on the planet.

Crossed between an Orange Scotch Bonnet and a 7 Pot Brain Strain, this pepper is a 1-inch tiny fireball that resembles the texture of the Brain Strain! You'll notice an incredibly fruity and citrusy taste that comes with this strain - that's if you can get past the heat!


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