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Pepper Joe's Hottest Hot Sauce Pack

Pepper Joe's Hottest Hot Sauce Pack

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This collection is the gourmet hot sauce pack you’ve always dreamed of having. Turn up the heat and excite your taste buds with six super hot sauces that carry a few of the hottest peppers in the world! Although the Carolina Reaper, Ghost, and Trinidad Scorpion are known as some of the hottest peppers to immensely burn your tongue and bring you to tears, don’t be fooled by the XXX Habanero hot sauce because it’s a fiery Habanero sauce that you’ll never see coming.

We cranked up the heat, but we didn’t forget to add beautiful flavors that instantly make you want to finish the bottles. With balanced gorgeous flavor and delightful heat from each hot sauce, this is a perfect addition to your hot sauce collection or a great hot sauce gift to that heat lover who lives for the insane heat. We also recommend having a hot sauce testing party challenge with your friends to see who can handle the heat!

This hot sauce variety pack includes:

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