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Super Hot Seeds

CPR Chocolate Primo Reaper Pepper Seeds (non-isolated)

CPR Chocolate Primo Reaper Pepper Seeds (non-isolated)

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Is it a Reaper? Is it a Primo? Even creator Butch Taylor himself isn't quite sure. Add in the hint of chocolate flavor and it's definitely delicious. The Chocolate Primo Reaper, CPR for short, is the coolest-looking pepper around that can reach heat levels as high as 1,900,000 SHUs!

CPR pepper plants will grow these tiny, 2" long pods that mature from green to dark brown color. Pods are distorted and share similar shapes to both the Reaper and Primo peppers - short, wrinkly, pimply skin, and even contorted tails.

These peppers have that distinct super hot sweet flavor and a burning sensation that starts slowly but eventually creeps into the back of your throat! You'll want to handle the Chocolate Primo Reaper pepper with care, as high levels of capsaicin can burn your skin, nose, and eyes. Nevertheless, these peppers are a great choice to dry and grind up into powder and add to any food you'd like to spice up!

  • Species: Capsicum Chinense
  • Heat Level: 1,900,000 SHUs
  • Type: Super Hot
  • Flavor: Sweet
  • Origin: USA
  • Pod Size: 2"
  • Days to Harvest: 150+ Days

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  • Heat Level:
  • Pod size: 2"
  • Origin: USA
  • Species: Chinense
  • SHU: 1,900,000

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Derek LaSenna
Purchased Before (Non- Isolated) Lable

I have a bit of a green thumb so they grew well. Unfortunately, the plants called it quits after 3 years. I was away from the house for more than three months and they ended up dying in Florida's summer heat. I am willing to purchase again but The "Non-Isolated" label has me wondering what they are growing next to. What I purchased, in 2018, was five stars though.

charles johnson

CPR Chocolate Primo Reaper Pepper Seeds

mark custodio
I just planted

I just planted the other day so I don’t know yet