PJ's Serrano Pepper Plants- 2 Live Plants

The Serrano Pepper is quite similar to the Jalapeno pepper, but it is smaller and have much more heat. The Serrano Plant is very productive and reach up to a height of 5 feet tall, growing 50 pepper pods that will grow between 1-4 inches long. This is a Mexican staple and is the perfect addition to your salsa or Pico de Gallo for that true authentic flavor. You can either harvest this one when it is green or wait for it to ripen to red!

Species: Capsicum Annuum 

Heat Level: 10,000 - 25,000 Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Novelty  

Origin: Mexico

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall 

US Customers ONLY: We cannot ship live plants to Texas and New Jersey due to the Department of Agriculture forbidding invasive species to come into their state by mail.


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