Worlds Hottest Pepper Seed Collection


A one-of-a-kind Collection the HOTTEST and TASTIEST Peppers in the WORLD!   You absolutely WILL NOT find this super hot collection anywhere else. All these Super-Hot Chiles are in the "Million Plus" Club of Scoville Heat Units'. 10 packs of the Worlds Hottest Seeds. PLUS...we toss in a FREE pack of Scotch Bonnet seeds....

Grow 10 of the world's hottest Chili seeds! All at a discounted price! Each pepper has its own distinct pod shape and flavor.  Be the first in your neighborhood to grow these! Eat fresh or use in your favorite chili recipes to turn up the heat.  A perfect gift for that Pepperhead who just can't get it hot enough.

Savings of 15% from ordering each variety separately!

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