Two FREE Packs of Hot Pepper Seeds in EVERY order

Volcano in a Box

A one-of-a-kind Collection the HOTTEST and TASTIEST Peppers in the WORLD!  The Carolina Reaper, holding the World Record since 2012, at 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale. The Moruga Trinidad Scorpion, the second hottest comes in at 2,009,000 SHUs.  The Butch T Trinidad Scorpion ranks at #5 on the Top 10 Hottest pepper list. This fantastic assortment of the World's Hottest chiles also includes the Big Red Mama, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Brain Strain, and the Yellow Bhut Jolokia. WOW! ....NEW additions this year are the BRAZILIAN MORUGA and the BROWN NAGLAH. You absolutely WILL NOT find this VOLCANIC collection anywhere else. 10 packs of the Worlds Hottest Seeds. PLUS...we toss in a FREE pack of habanero seeds....

All these Super-Hot Chiles are in the "Million +" Club of Scoville Heat Units'. Each pepper has its own distinct pod shape and flavor.  Be the first in your neighborhood to grow these! Eat fresh or use in your favorite chile recipes to turn up the heat.  A perfect gift for that Chilehead who just "Can't get it Hot Enough”

Save 25% off from ordering each variety separately... *FREE DRIED GHOST PEPPER PODS With Every Purchase of the Volcano In A Box.

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