Two FREE Packs of Hot Pepper Seeds in EVERY order

Volcano in a Box

A one-of-a-kind Collection of some of the HOTTEST and TASTIEST Peppers in the WORLD in a Beautiful Box. Each pepper has it's own distinct Pod and Plant growth. These are the NEW Super-Hots that you have read all about. The NEW Champ as of 8/27/12 is the Carolina Reaper at 1,569,000 Scoville Heat Units. The seeds from the original strain of the Reaper can ONLY be purchased at Pepper Joe's or at the creator, Ed Curries company. The Moruga Pepper made its Debut on 2/6/12. The Butch T Trinidad Scorpion of Guinness fame arrived in 2011. This fantastic assortment of the Worlds Hottest also includes the Naga Morich, Red 7 Pot Brain, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Giant Ghost Pepper, Butch T Super Scorpion Red, and Yellow Bhut Jolokia. WOW....You absolutely won't find this NUCLEAR collection anywhere else but at Pepper Joe's. 10 packs of the Worlds Hottest Seeds in all.

All of these Super-Hot Chiles are in the "Million +" Club of Scoville Heat Units'. The neat thing is they all have their own delicious and unique flavors. Be the first in your neighborhood to grow these for eating Fresh, bottle your own Hot Sauces or make Pepper relish and pepper jelly. Also, you can freeze or dry and enjoy all year long. What a perfect gift for that Chilehead that just "Can't get it Hot enough". Or gift deserve it.

$ave $19 or 25% off from ordering separately...PLUS...we toss in ANOTHER pack of Free Seeds from a Habanero well as the 2 packs of FREE seeds you get with every order for 3 total packs of Free seeds...along with the included Growing Tips.

*FREE DRIED GHOST PEPPER PODS With Every Purchase of the Volcano In A Box.

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