2011-2012: Year of the Sweet Pepper

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Not many meals smell as good as a delicious pan frying with sweet peppers, olive oil, fresh parsley and salt and pepper. Mmmmm.

Cubanelle Pepper

The Cubanelle Pepper is absolutely perfect for frying, and doesn't have a bitter aftertaste like some peppers. I'm partial to Cubanelle Peppers as one of my favorites, it's also great stuffed. Try stuffing it with ground sausage and grated sharp cheese. One of my favorite restaurants do this and then pour a thick spaghetti sauce over the Cubanelles. I also love the Corno Di Toro sweet pepper. You can eat it raw in salads...or I like it with an onion dip.

And Bell peppers? Wow...the absolute quintessential sweet peppers for stuffing with ground chicken, or ground veal or ground turkey. Try mixing 1/3 cooked rice to 2/3 of your favorite ground meat...seasoned well. Delicious. Red Bell Peppers. Orange Bell Peppers. Yellow Bell Peppers. Purple Bell Peppers. My 'Mini-Bell' mix has them all. Even the good old Green Bell Pepper works for me. And there are so many good Bell Peppers recipes.

Tips for Growing Sweet Peppers

To get good sweet pepper seeds, you need to know how to grow sweet peppers. And Bell Pepper plants. And believe me, we know how to grow them. Try spraying with Epsom salt (4 TB mixed well in a spray bottle and water). You can get Bell Peppers as big as cantaloupes with this trick.

When you are planting Bell Peppers, throw a matchbook fanned out in the hole first. The Sweet Peppers LOVE the sulfur...and you will get a red sweet pepper loaded with Lycopene and Vitamin C. Your sweet pepper plants will Thank YOU.

No wonder the Bell Pepper is so popular! Also, growing Bell Peppers from seed can be so rewarding because you have so many varieties to choose from.

Have a short season?? Grow the King of the North Bell Pepper. Want an easy bell pepper to grow and each plant is loaded with bell peppers? Try growing Sweet Crimson in your sweet pepper garden. Bon Appetit.

Fiery Regards,

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