Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate Plants - 2 Live Plants

This pepper is a chocolate variant of the ultra-spicy Apocalypse Scorpion pepper and comes with a slightly sweet, smoky flavor that packs a lot of heat. It is said to be compared to the Carolina Reaper, although the Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate pepper has not yet been tested on the Scoville heat scale. The pepper pods are a bit larger than the standard pepper and have a higher heat than its red relative. The pod matures to a brown color and grows to 2.5 inches with a shriveled and bumpy texture. Plants can grow up to 3-5 ft tall and will grow beautiful, brownish pods that will have the iconic scorpion stinger.  Look for the scorpion tail when you grow this plant!

Species:  Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level:  Not yet tested – estimated around 1,400,000+ Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Super Hot  

Origin: Italy  

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall

US Customers ONLY: We are prohibited to send live Apocalypse Scorpion Plants to (Texas and New Jersey)

Looking for the seeds instead?  Click HERE.

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