Ghor-Pion Pepper Seeds


The new and exciting Ghor-pion Pepper is a cross-breeding masterpiece. It's a cross between the Ghost Pepper and the Butch "T" Trinidad Scorpion peppers. This novel chile has retained all of the best characteristics...flavor, heat and robust growth habits. We estimate it to be a F6 to an F7...which should give you a 96.8% to 98.5% chance of growing true. But as we know with modern day SuperHots, there may be pod variation. It's color should be between a peach to a lighter reddish pink. This is the coolest new Hot Pepper to come along in a long time. With it's awesome Mom and can it miss? Developed near Pepper Joe's home town in Eastern Pennsylvania.  

Scoville Heat Units:  855,000 - 1,000,000 SHUs.

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