7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain, JG Strain Pepper Seeds


The chocolate sibling to the indescribably fiery Brain Strain is finally here and ready to fight for the crown of the hottest pepper in the world. Take one look at the inside of this pepper and you will see that this thing is loaded with capsaicin oils. Expect a sweet 7 Pot flavor with earthy undertones. Your mouth will be on fire after this one.

A little more about this strain...

The “7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain, JG strain” is one of several similar varieties sharing the same 7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain name. This variety produces reddish copper-colored ripe pods having pungency levels around the 1.4M SHU range. This variety has been grown and had its seeds selectively saved by an individual whose initials are JG. The seeds offered here are at least at generation F4. Grower reported that the stability of the 2018 grow-out was quite stable and we should expect very low variability.

Heat Level: 1.4 Million Scoville Heat Units

Capsicum Chinense

10+ Seeds Per Pack

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