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Medium Hot Seeds

Atomic Starfish Pepper Seeds

Atomic Starfish Pepper Seeds

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Every once in a while, an awesome and exotic hot pepper makes its appearance in the chile industry. The Atomic Starfish is that pepper! The Atomic Starfish pepper plant produces good yields of starfish-shaped peppers, which look so special. It's from Brazil and has a spicy and unique flavor that you must try. It ripens from green to bright red and is easy to germinate. Get your hands on the exotic Atomic Starfish pepper seeds!

Very Rare and unusual Chile Pepper. 

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Heat Level: 5,000 – 30,000 SHUs  

Type: Medium

Origin: Brazil

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds  

Check out the Brazilian Starfish to add more starfish-shaped peppers to your garden!

Love exotic peppers? Find the perfect exotic and novelty peppers for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Aren't these just Brazilian red starfish with a different name?? Looks like the same pepper with a different name

James Beck

Cant wait for these to turn. My yield on 1 plant has to be well over 100 peppers.....and I have 3 plants! Pics will be posted on FB.

high yield

very happy first time with pepper joes. I ordered many varieties with high yield of all. The atomic starfish is very tasty and just a hint of heat.

Sweet and sour beauties!

They grow very lanky at first. I topped one off because of this. Don’t Do It! The 4 that germinated are just under 6’ tall and full of peppers! Just ate my 1st one on 8/25 in zone 7. Looks like I will have 150 of these delicious little treats! Probably a good thing they were 40% germination like all the seeds I get here

Surprisingly Amazing

I may not have the greenest thumb. And I live in a tough place to grow hot chilis. I'm on the ocean in New England, the wind never stops, and our seasons are short. So if a hot chili makes it to maturity in my container garden, it's a hearty variety. These plants grew to a shocking 6'6" (including the 7 gal container). Each plant produced about 2 dozen fruit. It's September 10 and I just tasted the first fruit to ripen. These far and away have the most interesting taste of any pepper I've ever eaten. Sweet, floral, crunchy. Add the heat similar to a typical cherry pepper (20k SHUs?) and you have a winner. This will be a regular in my garden going forward!