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Black Naga Brain (Black Bhut x Chocolate NagaBrains) Pepper Seeds

Black Naga Brain (Black Bhut x Chocolate NagaBrains) Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 3-4 ft. Pod size: 2-3" Origin: Unknown Species: Chinense SHU: 1,000,000+
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The Black Naga Brain is a thing of beauty that produces all kinds of different pod variances. Crossed between a Black Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Naga Brain peppers, these wrinkled pods show off a wide array of colors during the ripening process that you'll fall in love with.

Black Naga Brain peppers grow in abundance on 3-4 ft. tall plants that have beautiful dark purple foliage. Pods will range in color from greenish-yellow, bright red, deep purple, and black before they all mature to their final red color. The filial generation of these is unknown and therefore is considered unstable.  Your grow results may vary from this description.

Not much is known still about the Black Naga Brain, but its heat level is estimated to be over 1,000,000 SHUs, which is plenty enough to knock your socks off! Super hot peppers like these are best used for drying, but if you're brave enough, you can also take a bite out of these searing beauties. Let us know what they taste like!

Species: Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level: 1,000,000+ SHUs

Type: Super Hot 

Origin: Unknown

Pod Size: 2-3"

Plant Height: 3-4 ft.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark Freitas
A Thing of Beauty

This plant is simply stunning to see out in the garden. The dark purple with hints of green really make it stand out. Not going to lie, this one is hard to germinate. I’m guessing these seeds are still very unstable due to the fact it’s the early stages in this cross. Only got 1/10 to germinate but man it was worth it! The pods color changing is really cool to watch through the season. A late but super bountiful producer. This plant grew to about 3-4ft and is very lanky. Can’t wait to keep it rolling for next season! Thanks Pepper Joe!

Russell Greene
Fun Colorful Grower

These peppers are great, and a ton of fun to watch develop. I put down 5 seeds in individual pods, only one germinated, but it has been strong and vibrant from the very beginning. Now that we're in the beginning of harvesting season for the super hots this is the most productive and healthiest plant of the 10 diff varieties I have planted. Black, purple, yellow, green, red and all the transitions in between. Very hot and flavorful can't wait for more to ripen so I can make some sauce!!

A must grow!

Despite getting 1/10 seeds to germinate. I absolutely love this pepper!
I'd recommend a tea soak of the seeds to make them more viable for a longer germination.
A multi-cross is always going to be harder to germinate anyway, especially in the early stages of this unreal variety!

Jean-Philippe Forunier
0/10 Sprouted.

I would put a 0 star on this... All the others strain i've ordered have perfectly sprouted, but this new arrival Black Naga Brain not worth the price. I've send an email concerning the problem and they told me that it's normal if this strain take much time to sprout if we compare to any other strain....... After 100 days of germination, I've checked the seed and they all rotten... The germ inside the seed have completly disappeared Im very disapointed to pay for nothing considering a 30$ u.s of shipping.. This seeds is totally waste of time and money. Don't try to put the problem on me, I know what im doing.... These seeds is dead from the inside...