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CPR Chocolate Primo Reaper Seeds


Is it a Reaper?  Is it a Primo?  Even creator Butch Taylor himself isn't quite sure.  Add in the hint of chocolate flavor and its definitely delicious.  The Chocolate Primo Reaper, CPR for short is the coolest looking pepper around - pimpled with heat and a tail too, this is one of our NEW peppers to try this year!  Scoville Heat Units:  ~1,900,00 SHUs.

From one of our early tasters ... "I finally got around to trying the Chocolate Primo Reaper.......I put a decently large piece about half an inch by quarter of an inch in size in my mouth and started to chew. It was deliciously sweet, and I swallowed it. It had that distinct SUPER HOT sweet flavor before the burn kicks in like most of the Scorpion, Ghost, and Reapers. But it seemed like the burn took a little while to kick in, like longer than any other super hot that I've eaten......but it finally did, it slowly crept on the tongue from front to back, till it finally got my throat. It wasn't as bad as a Carolina Reaper, but it was semi-painful......and I loved every second of it. Stupid me....did not handle the pepper pieces I cut very intelligently, and did not use gloves. Well....I paid for that 5 minutes after the mouth pain subsided......I touched the inside of my left eye and instantly felt like a needle jabbed in there! That only lasted about 8 - 10 minutes, but it's still on my fingers! Even after a DAWN dish liquid scrub last night and a shower this morning."

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