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This amazing Pepper Plant can grow to 8' tall. The Willie Pepper Tree is absolutely loaded with 3" Cayenne peppers. My brother Willie has been growing this Pepper Tree out for over 10 years making it a stable variety. It is an annual in most of the country, but in Hot weather states (like Florida, Texas, etc.) it can grow every year as a perennial. However, it can grow successfully everywhere and even be overwintered. Check out my YouTube Video on Over-Wintering Pepper plants. Cayenne peppers are great for making Pepper Powder, Pepper Flakes, etc. However this Willie pepper is extra good for it given it's thin skin and prolific growing ability.

We've Value-Priced it so everyone will want to try it. We also fill up the seed packet with a bunch of seeds so you can share it.  30,000 - 190,000 SHUs.

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