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Why Free Hot Pepper Seeds?

We send out Free Hot Pepper Seeds every day Our Free Chile seeds are only the finest pepper seeds available

Here at Pepper Joe's we've given away $35,000 worth of Free Seeds last year. We're big on Free Chile Seeds and Free stuff at Pepper Joe's. Let me explain.

First, we give away 2 packs of Free Hot Pepper Seeds with every order. We pick them from a variety of different seeds. Free Jalapeno Seeds, Free Habanero Seeds, Free Cayenne varies with each order.  Here are some of the recent ones.  

These are all top quality seeds. Some are new pepper varieties that we are testing. Some are exotic Chiles that were sent to us from customers around the world. Some are just great free Hot Pepper seeds that we have a small amount left so give them away.

It's about a $12.50 value (including shipping) in Free hot pepper seed.

Free Pepper Joe Seed Catalogs go out by the Thousands yearly We've given away over 1,000,000 Hot Pepper seeds over the years.

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Free Hot Pepper seeds from our Hottest Pepper seed collection

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Pepper Joe gave away $35,000 in Free Seeds Last year

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