7 Pot Lava Yellow Pepper Seeds


The 7 Pot Lava Yellow Pepper is a cross between a Moruga and 7 Pot Primo. This molten masterpiece is not one to take lightly. This strain hasn't been around for too long, so expect a bit of pod variation. Those who have reviewed this pepper say this has the hottest immediate heat out of all the yellow super hots to date.

This pepper will leave your senses in confusion. When cut open, a citrusy jab of heat fills the air. Right when the first piece of pepper hits your tongue it feels like the world is ending. Then when the heat resides, you're hit with a fruity juicy Moruga taste. Just when you thought it was over... it ends with a right hook filled with sweltering heat. 

Works great for making hot sauce and mixing into soups! 

1,800,000+ SHU

10+ Seeds Per Pack

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