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Very Hot Seeds

Demon Gold Drop Pepper Seeds

Demon Gold Drop Pepper Seeds

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Demon Gold Drop peppers are an anomaly as the tiny fruits pack so much heat that we feel we need to warn you just how hot these peppers truly are! An ornamental variety with super-hot-level heat, no wonder this pepper is popular among pepper growers!

This pepper plant will produce hundreds of tasty, hot, 1” round fruit, and will be a fun and easy pepper plant to grow! The Demon Gold Drop’s shape and color are identical to the Aji Charapita and will look beautiful in your garden.

Be careful growing these peppers because the Demon Gold Drop peppers are not joking around with their heat (hint at their name)! These tiny pepper pods may be adorable to look at, but with a heat level of 500,000 SHUs, your mouth will burn for quite a while. The best use for them is drying them into a super-spicy chili powder, but you can definitely infuse these flavors in your fresh or cooked foods if you're brave enough!

  • Species: Capsicum Annuum
  • Heat Level: 500,000+ SHUs
  • Type: Very Hot to Super Hot
  • Flavor: Tangy
  • Germination Rate: 82%
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Pod Size: 1"
  • Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

Stay spicy with our incredible variety of Super Hot Pepper Seeds. Grow some of the world's hottest peppers right in your very own garden!

Enjoy some of our Super Hot Snacks & Spices to give your food the kick that's been missing all along!


  • Heat Level:
  • Germination rate: 82%
  • Pod size: 1"
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Species: Annuum
  • SHU: 500,000+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Not a demon gold drop

What in the world! My plant I was so excited to grow now is fruiting n definitely is longer pepper n seeing other reviews I'm pretty annoyed that we all seem to be getting anythimg that's not the demon gond drop pepper. Pretty wack

Nicholas Young Nicholas Young

Thank you!

Brandon Cowart
Great Germination

Great germination. Don’t have any fruit yet.