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Super Hot Sea Salt

Trinidad Scorpion Sea Salt

Trinidad Scorpion Sea Salt

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Made with only sea salt and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, this scorching gourmet salt is sure to light up your meal AND you!

We took one of the hottest peppers in the world and mixed it with pure sea salt to create one stingin’ sea salt because spice is truly the life. Even though the Trinidad Scorpion has a heat level of over 1,000,000 SHUs, you won’t miss out on the Trinidad Scorpion’s fruity flavors in this gourmet salt.

The Trinidad Scorpion Salt is one of the hottest salts you’ll find anywhere as we used 100% of Trinidad Scorpion pepper to infuse it. The premium quality salt is easy to use and take anywhere, and it’s great to use as an ingredient or a gourmet finishing salt. This is perfect for the spice lover who looks forward to cranking up the heat, so whether you need an extra kick while grilling on the BBQ or camping at your favorite spot - use this intense superhot salt to get your heat fixed.

Spice it up with a dash of Trinidad Scorpion Infused Sea Salt to your popcorn, chilis, soups, salads, cocktails, fish, wings, meat, eggs, and vegetables! Sprinkle a little to your food because it will sting you like a scorpion.

Jar Size: 2.5 oz

Heat Level: Extreme


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